• The Game has just begun

    Convent or game tournament posters.
    Dark Angel – poster for Halo Stars 2012 Warhammer 40.000 Tournament ©2012 SnakeArtworX

  • Little Big Battles

    Miniatures painting and dioramas for board games.

  • Painted with light

    Digital photography and photomanipulation

Welcome to official website of Maciej „SnakeArtworX” Kijowski, digital artist & photographer.


Digital art"The Bow" - ©2013 SnakeArtworX

Photography"Castle of Miraz" - ©2014 SnakeArtworX

What people say:

Wow, I’m mesmerized by the art! I mean really.
(Ciara Knight, comment to interview at Savannah Chase’ blog)