Jog/Shuttle controller for iMovie

Have you been looking for a jog/shuttle controller for imovie? look no further, because here’s a solution. Using the jog/shuttle in timeline-based software, like audio/video editors, is much more intuitive than combination of mouse/keyboard, especially while working on long projects, with lots of elements. However, most of the control surfaces available on the market are […]

Manfrotto OffRoad ThrilLED light – Unboxing

Gopro cameras are great for shooting your sport activities and video looks awesome, especially in perfect light conditions. what about night shots or low-light scenes? the manfrotto offroad thrilled light is the answer. Once again, thanks to Manfrotto Polska, I was able to get my hands on the cool photo/video accessory. This time it’s ThrilLED, […]

How to make better photos – tips for beginners

“You’re making awesome photos. you probably have an expensive camera”. I’ve heard it many times, but the truth is, that it’s not a camera, but the photographer stands behind the photo. before you go shopping and stress your card, here are few tips that will help you make better photos. Learn the basics. Have You noticed that […]


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